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Gryffindor|Hufflepuff. Vampire. Hunter: Profound Bond. Downworlder: Warlock. Cabin 6. Dauntless. District 6. House Targaryen. Earthbender. Fallen Angel. Amor Deliria Nervosa Infected. Consulting Detective. Broad City Chic.

This is NOT a spoiler free blog just FYI.
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daryldixonismyhomie said:
You like top Dean only, god bless you


He’s all I read and write. 

I’ve always been a top!Dean girl. 

how fangirls communicate
Fan 2: I know. I know.
Disclosure, Sam Smith  -  Settle
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"I feel we’re close enough
I wanna lock in your love
I think we’re close enough
Could I lock in your love, baby?
Now I got you in my space
I won’t let go of you (never)
Got you shackled in my embrace
I’m latching on to you (never)”
- Disclosure|Sam Smith, Latch

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